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Throughout his extensive broadcasting and entertainment career, the award-winning Gary B. Duglin has been involved with almost every facet of the world of radio including on-the-air programming, creative development, executive producing, station management, sales and operations.  He has created and produced many radio programs including game shows and other original radio concepts in the talk format.    Read A Special Message From Gary

As a talk show host, news anchor and correspondent, Gary has been congratulated and applauded for broadcast conversations with a galaxy of show business stars and government luminaries.  He has interviewed countless dignitaries and news makers throughout the entertainment world and the political arena. 

The air waves of numerous radio stations across America have carried the voice of Gary B. Duglin including the 50,000 watt flagship station of the CBS Radio Network, WCBS New York.

Outside the walls of the radio studio, Garyís voice has been heard in scores of national television and radio commercials, motion pictures, and documentary presentations. 

Gary is no stranger to personal appearances either; his include fund raising events for the Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness and others.  He also performed a live narration of Aaron Coplandís The Lincoln Portrait to a standing ovation audience at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Gary made his mark in television as a writer for syndicated game shows hosted by Bob Eubanks of The Newlywed Game and Card Sharks fame, and Tom Kennedy from Password Plus, Name That Tune, Split Second and You Donít Say.

Gary has also contributed to the producing of a variety of network television series and specials, working with such celebrities as Dick Clark, Billy Crystal, Helen Hayes, Bob Hope, Ron Howard, Barry Manilow, Tony Randall and Betty White, among hundreds of others.

Gary has received tributes and accolades for his professionalism, integrity and credibility.  He has been saluted for his energy, enthusiasm and love of show business, and praised for his natural style, wonderful voice and a personal touch that makes every guest he interviews feel terrific




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