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Gary B. Duglin Talks With The Stars highlights some of the entertainment industry’s biggest and brightest stars.  Each hour of broadcast programming features a wonderful discussion with a celebrity from the entertainment world.  

Every week Gary brings America’s hottest personalities to listeners in a magnificent forum that promises to be the benchmark for excellence in celebrity talk programming.   

Each show focuses on the most recognized and respected names in show business and celebrates the lives and careers of those stars.  No gossip.  No controversy.  That is our pledge to each celebrity.  The program also salutes the performer’s favorite charity.

Gary B. Duglin Talks With The Stars has been called the best in celebrity conversation.  The program does not delve in to any personal moments of the performer’s private life, unless it is a topic that the star wants to discuss.  Instead, the show is intended to shower the guest with applause and to talk about his or her fabulous successes on screen and on stage.



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